Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hands Down, Best Ever Brownie Dessert

I CANNOT get enough of this dessert!!! It is so decadent and rich, but I have no problem having some for breakfast, after lunch AND after dinner! It is one of my 2 favorite desserts that my mom makes (I'll post the other soon). You have to make this the next time you're having people over!!!! Everybody will LOVE it!!!! (Unless of course they are like my husband who does not like sweets, well except for choco chip cookies...this is way too rich...I mean, is there such a thing???) This is an easy recipe, but does require some time and effort.
I'm sorry, these pictures do not do this dessert justice!!!

Frozen Brownie Dessert

*Boxed Brownie mix , your favorite kind (I usually get the Family size), plus ingredients for that
*Blue Bell Coffee ice cream, 1/2 gallon, thawed
*8 oz. Bakers German sweet chocolate (they come in 4 oz. packages - the squares)
*1 1/3 cup sugar
*2 small cans evaporated milk
*2 sticks butter
*2 tsp. vanilla
Make boxed recipe of brownies for a 9X13 pan

Let cool completely.

Spread thawed coffee ice cream on top of cooled brownies. (Almost like an icing)

Freeze (it takes about 2 hours).

Spread completely cooled chocolate sauce on top of frozen ice cream.
Chocolate sauce: Boil the choc. sqs., sugar, evap. milk, and butter and cook for 4 mins., stirring.
Take off the heat and add 2 tsps. vanilla.
Let cool completely.


Make sure the brownies are cool before spreading ice cream. I thaw the ice cream in the microwave, stir, spread and microwave again, stir and spread.

Make sure the choc. sauce is cooled before spreading on top of the frozen ice cream otherwise it will all be a gooey mess!


  1. Looks awesome!! but how could you possibly go wrong with chocolate?

  2. YUM! i have posted some more recipes on my cooking blog that are really YUMMY!