Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mediterranean Pizza

I got this great “recipe” from Fitness magazine. This has become my favorite lunch to eat this week. The only prep is the cutting up of your “toppings!”

Medi Pizza

1 Pita, whole wheat (I couldn’t find the ww so I just used white)

chopped up: cucumbers, avocado, grape tomatoes

Feta Cheese

Hummus (I like the garlic flavored)

1. Cut pita in half. (1 whole “loaf” is a serving size).

2. Spread your hummus on each half.

3. Top with your veggies and cheese!

This is a hard “pizza” to eat with your hands, so I have to use a fork! Enjoy this oh-so-healthy meal!!

(When I ate this for dinner I added a side of quinoa and black beans to make it heartier)…look at all that food! You can eat a lot for fewer calories than a regular cheese pizza!


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  1. Wow! Very delicious..
    Nice recipe :D

    I have more recipe. Take a look at it.. :D
    I hope you can get some ideas^^