Thursday, July 30, 2009

Super Easy Rotel/Cream Cheese Dip

Can you go wrong with a Rotel and Cream Cheese combo?!?! This is one of my most favorite dips!!! Tastes great with any kind of chip - my faves are Ruffles or Fritos.

Rotel and Cream Cheese Dip

*8 oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened - either 1/3 less fat or the regular version, depending on your mood

*2 cans Rotel - 1 drained, 1 to add as needed (I always use Mild because I don't like spicy)

Beat Cream Cheese and 1 drained can of Rotel. Gradually add the 2nd can (which, remember you don't drain) until the dip is of a consistency you like (you don't want it too runny). It usually takes about 1/2 can. Beat until creamy!

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  1. I also add a can of corn drained and 1 Ranch seasoning packet. It is so yummy!